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Clearance Documents

- Certificate of registry (original)
- Certificate of Insurance including Greek Compulsory Third Party Liability and international oil pollution prevention certificate
- Passports
- Tonnage certificate
- Crew/passenger list
- Authorization (original) signed by the owner company stamped by a notary public allowing the captain  the official use of the yacht in the Greek waters - for the captain
- Ownership document (original) - for the owner

TRANSIT LOG: will be issued upon arrival in Greece (permit for cruising the Greek waters):

No validity limit: concerns the E.U. flagged yachts – if the yacht already has one on board, no need to issue a new one unless the captain has been replaced.

Valid from one up to six months: concerns the Non – E.U. flagged yachts (one month if the captain is an E.U. citizen. Up to 6 months if the captain is a Non - E.U. citizen).

CREW MEMBERS: All Non – E.U. crew members will be issued a “shore pass” (obligatory) upon clearance in Athens (valid one month in Athens – will be renewed if needed).